11 Fantasy Premier League Team Templates


Now that all transfers have been completed and the Premier League begins today, let us take a look at all the possible templates if you still haven’t settle for any team formation, take a look at the following templates.

Template 3: Overlooked Players

Template 1. Overlooked

This template consists of players that are always overlooked in favour of their teammates, but they are still sharp and still bag points when they show up. Gabriel Jesus and Laca deliver when they are in form, Mane plays second fiddle to Salah but still scores. Martial will see some game time as the Man United squad is depleted, and Ozil plays a key role in the Arsenal Midfield.


Template 3: New Arrivals

If you fancy new faces that you tip to overthrow the seasoned players, take this template. Players like Kovacic can still fit in if you choose to ditch any injured player.



Everyone fancy defenders and keepers that keep clean sheets and can also assist when needed. Going by the prices, the midfield will not be that strong, but the attack is really bloody and can also perform


Template 6: Template Kings

This template focuses on players that take their teams set pieces, so they are likely to bag a goal or assist. Kane takes penalties for the Spurs, and teammate Eriksen takes free kicks. Same applies to De Bruyne and Grob and the rest of the midfield folks.


Template 7: Kind Fixtures

This team is made up of players who from teams who have at least three easy fixtures, so they are expected to bag maximum points across all fixtures. One of the factors to consider when buying players is the fixtures difficulty and if you don’t want to transfer every week, use this template.


Template 9: Only The Elites

This team consist of players drawn from the top six teams in England. Not logical but who knows.


Template 10: Best of the Rest

Take away the Salahs, Lukakus, De Gea’s and Agueros and focus on the best of the rest. These players are the life of their various teams and deliver them when needed. Zaha, Vardy, Grob etc. have shown they can compete where the big boys are.


Template 11: Dream Team

The template is drawn from the top players who performed well last season and made the team of the week more than three times. They are high scorers capable of delivering over  100 points per game week.