I Want Hazard – WWE Wrestler Rusev


WWE Superstar Rusev has suggested to his favourite club Real Madrid on who they should sign to replace Cristiano Ronaldo. The European transfer window is still open and the wrestler has made his known his desire to see the Belgian swap Stamford Bridge for the Bernabeu.

“I would really like Hazard from Chelsea, go after him and see how that goes, I know a lot of fans will say Neymar, but I think it’s too soon for him and his stock is a little bit down after his forty minute rolls at the World Cup. Hazard wants to come, so go get him!” said the Bulgarian.

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Chelsea will be reluctant to sell since they will not be able to get a replacement as the English League transfer window closed last week. Rusev though sees an heir to the Ronaldo’s throne within the team should the Spanish capital club fail to get Hazard

“Let’s not forget we have Marco Asensio, who’s one of the best players in the world and is only 24. I’d be just as happy to put faith in him and not sign anyone.”

Rusev was particularly happy that his club traded the 50 goals per season superstar for over a hundred million pounds.

“I’m glad the big transfer finally happened. It’s a great sale for us, people have been texting me since he left and saying ‘sorry’, but I’m like no this is a good thing. We have made £105 million on a 33-year-old player – it’s the best news we could have got in the off-season.”

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