Top 5 FPL Transferred In Goal Keepers.


Safe hands determine whether your defence is getting any clean sheet points and if your team will survive the day. Goalkeeper choice in Fantasy Premier League is a very delicate issue as the goalkeepers usually bring in more points from saves and clean sheets. After game week one, these are the top transferred Goalkeepers

4Hamer Huddersfield £4.0 45913

Ben Hamer has only appeared 13 league matches for Leicester since 2014 and recently made a switch to Huddersfield. Relatively unknown and untested, his price makes him a good back up keeper as one can use whatever is left to afford other outfield players

2McCarthy Southampton 40818

McCarthy was in the side that drew against Burnley and was superb, making seven saves and earning eleven points. McCarthy’s choice is largely due to the fact that Southampton has a nice fixture as they play Everton, Leicester, Crystal Palace, and Brighton & Hove Albion before Liverpool. He might be the King of Bonus here.