Fantasy premier League Gameweek 5 Wildcard Template


Another fantasy Premier League gameweek is upon us and we have good games lined up for the weekend. Incase you are looking to play your wildcard, here is a good template to copy.


Etheridge £4.5

Fantasy top keeper has a knack for making savings and delivering points when not expected. A trip to chelsea is in cards and while it will be hard for him not to concede, his price means funds are being freed up to be spent elsewhere

Mc Carthy £4.6

McCarthy ranks second in the keeper’s log and the Southampton goalie is a nice pick given their fixtures is against Brighton. His low price also mmeans funds are freed upto be spent elseshwere.


Alonso £6.8

Fantasy top player so far with 44 points, Alonso is ragingon and as the Blues expect Cardiff, the defender will be instrumental to their victory. Capable of scoring and mostly assisting, the Chelsea man should be on every team.

Holebas £4.8

Holebas rise has been surprising if anything and he will be one of the threats Manchester United defenders will be wary off. Manchester United is having defensive issues and if Watford are to breach the defence again, tip Holebas to have a hand or two in it.

Mendy £6.4

Manchester City may not be keeping cleansheets but they are scoring and Mendy is oneof the reasons. In a season that defenders are getting more dangerous, Man City work horse Mendy has proven himself to be capable of delivering the goodies. Should he manage to keepr a clean sheet against Fulham, his points will likely sky rocket

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Steve Cook £4.6

Steve Cook’s inclusion is likely due to two reasons; One, he his cheap and frees up funds that make the acquisition of Alonso and Mendy possible. Secondly, he has the potential of emulating the Chelsea and Man City defenders. 22 points already accummulated is worth the shot.

Gomez £5.0

Liverpool’s Robertson may be more popular but Gomez gets to share in the clean sheet bonus too. He may not be the defender that lays in the assist or very physical like Van Dijk but he has 22 points already, 1 point more than Van Dijk who costs a pound more. Liverpool already kept three cleansheets this season and if they shut Tottenham out today, cool 6 points for Gomez


Mane £10.0

Mane is enjoying his time netting the goals now that his teammate Salah is not consistent and delivering the goodies weekly. Mane has only failed to score in one game this season (against Brighton) and will be looking to tear up the net against Tottenham. A better alternative to Salah who costs £3 more.

Hazard £10.7

The Belgium midfielder is a great threat to anyside he is facing. If he is not scoring, he is assisting and that alone should earn him a place in this team. Cardiff may apply cagey tactics against Chelsea and Hazard wil have to partner with a certain Alonso to unlock their defence should that happen.

Pereyra £6.3

Manchester United is going to have a tough time managingg a Watford side that already has their sync in place. Pereyra has been terrific and his best performances have been at home. He co-ordinates the Hornet’s sting and he is likely to score or make an assist against a Manchester United defence that is in shambles.

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Pedro £6.8

Pedro is enjoying a quiet life under Sarri and has already scored thrice for the London based side. manymay not fancy his chances as he rarely plays 90 minutes but he is still a good pick. I mean, he scores, what else would you possibly want?

Neves £5.2

Neves may be finding life in the Premier League very hard but he is still a fine midfielder. The former Porto player already has Champions League experience and played a great part in hleping Wolves from relegation. He should be making assists or scoring soon. and his price is the reason we could afford Mane, Hazard, Pereyra, and Pedro.


Aguero £11.3

This calls for prayers guys. Nothing scares us more than Pep’s rotation and having a £11.3 player benched could be catastrophic. Aguero already declared himself injury free and should be getting more game time and since his best performance has been at the Etihad, we pray he scores at least a goal against Fulham.

Mitrovic £6.8

Fast becoming a menace, this player is already becoming a striker capable of wiping clean sheets (Vardy anyone?). Only Aguero tops the £6.8 player with a point. While we may be praying for Aguero to score, with Mitrovic on the pitch, Man City defenders may as well forget their clean sheets.

Wilson £6.2

When he his not scoring, he is laying in assists and only Chelsea has managed to shut him out. He is likely to score or assist against Leicester today so he is a worthy inclusion. A dangerous attacker that needed to be watched. For the sake of our team, we hope his not tamed.

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Alternative Players

If you are afraid of having Aguero, or you still want Salahin your team, you may consider the following strikers.

Lukaku £11.0

Lukaku loves scoring in bursts and the goals are beginning to show up. Watford excels more in attack hence in a game that will likely make them focus more on breaking Mourinho’s tactics, Lukaku is sure to find some space and stir the Hornet’s nest.

Harry Kane £12.5

After breaking his August curse, the striker is expected to be hitting top form. Will likely be marked against Liverpool but unlike Aguero, he will start and maybe play 90 minutes. With Dele Alli out injured, he will be receiving all the passes he can get.

Vardy £8.9

Did the crime, served the time, back to redeem himself. That is the story of Vardy right now and he will be looking to apologize to everyone by scoring. His red card against Wolves was a huge blow to many managers but forgive we must. Bournemouth looks like the perfect target for the Foxes marksman to repay his debts.

Lucas Moura £7.3

With Dele Alli injured, Moura is going to have more chances and more opportunities to score. Watch out for him as he can punish teams that make mistakes. While the Liverpool defence will most likely mark Harry Kane, Lucas can fill in and find the back of the net.