Have Poland Revealed How To Stop Jorginho?


Chelsea’s midfielder and engine of the Sarri-ball style Jorginho is player many clubs would wish they have. You can’t doubt his talent since he was even scouted by Manchester City and almost joined the blue half of Manchester before he followed Sarri to Chelsea.

Representing Italy against Poland in the UEFA League of Nations last night, the player who has the joint most passes in Premier League game was tightly marked and had a poor evening.

His assessment after the game might be the trick Premier League managers need to stop Chelsea

“We were unable to find the right passing lines and therefore have the right tempo. I personally made a lot of mistakes,” Jorginho told Rai Sport.

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“When you have a man marking you who is paying no attention whatsoever to the rest of the game and only focusing on you, you have to create space for your teammates. I can’t try dummies or to see more of the ball in those situations.

“I fully admit it wasn’t my best performance and I made a lot of errors, including on the Poland goal. I couldn’t see as much of the ball as usual, so I tried to talk more and direct my teammates towards the spaces.”

“I can’t just take the ball and run when I’m man-marked constantly. I could egotistically try to keep the ball anyway, but it’s better for the team if I spread the play and find those who have spaces.”

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Since Jorginho is usually uncomfortable when man-marked (a trick Mourinho always deploys against Eden Hazard), we would definitely see more managers coming up with that tactics to try and outdo Chelsea.

Chelsea has won their first four Premier League games earning maximum points, and Jorginho had played a significant part in all four games. Stopping him would affect Chelsea after all, if you can stop the man distributing the ball, you can stop your opponent’s attacking power.