Messi Concerned About Barcelona Defence Issues


Lionel Messi has confirmed that he is worried about Barca’s defence as they have gone three games without a win, conceding in each of them. Barcelona is without Sergio Roberto who is injured and Umtiti who is suspended and the Argentine wants his teammates to step up against Tottenham.

“There isn’t any anxiety because the season has just started and it is a long year ahead,” he said.

“We didn’t expect the recent results but in this game, we created situations to win and we couldn’t manage to do it.

“We must be stronger defensively, we have come from a year that it was tough [to score against us] and now it is taking the minimum to do it.

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“I think that we put in a performance that could have won us the game, and in the first half, had many clear chances to go ahead,” he explained.

“But then we went 1-0 down and things got very complicated which is a shame.

“Now, we must carry on and look forward because we have a tough game coming up on Wednesday.

“It is a very difficult group so we know we have to be at our best and move forward with calmness.”

“It can’t happen that we concede goals in every game, we must improve and become strong in the defensive area because that is the most important thing.”

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Luis Suarez said after the 1-1 draw: ”Messi is the best in the world but we cannot depend on him coming on to provide a solution. We can’t rely on him or on Busquets. We have to be winning before they come on.’

“That’s the way [we want it], we have a strong squad and players to be a great team so we don’t depend on any one person,” he added.”That is how it always was at Barcelona, a team doesn’t depend on a single player.”