Pochettino slams Tottenham after loss to Watford


Tottenham’s manager Mauricio Pochettino slammed his team’s mentality after defeat to Watford. He claimed they were lacking the necessary aggression and failed to respect the Premier league and also accused the players of being lucky against Manchester United,

‘It’s a very good wake-up call for everyone,’ fumed Pochettino.

‘The reality is that if you want to be a contender you need to win. And win easy. Because everything was ready for us to win the game.

‘We need to show more respect to this competition. To compete and to win is not easy. The Premier League is so, so tough.

‘You need to compete much, much better. We need to go there like a lion and try to score in every single action. OK, we play football we play football, but we need to be more aggressive.

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‘If you want to win you need to show that character. You need to defend well. If you do not play so well you need to win this type of game if you want to be a contender at the end.’

‘Of course, it’s disappointing,’ added Pochettino. ‘It is very painful but I am not upset. It is difficult to understand after four years. I am the first responsible and the guilty one when the team loses.

‘To pay today and feel the pain, sure it’s going to help us for the future and to be better. And in March and April and the beginning of May if we are there, we can say: “OK, now we are a contender”.

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‘But before we talk, we need to show that we are contenders. And how do you show it? By winning. And the only way to win a game is to give your best.’

Liverpool great Graeme Souness and fellow pundit Craig Bellamy also blasted the Spurs player after they were caught slacking.

Souness said: ‘If you are going to be a contender, you fear no-one. This is a punch on the nose, and you look and some players didn’t seem to be giving 100%. T

‘This is where big players turn up now. You can be a big player when winning game after game, but now we’ll see if players react to this

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Bellamy added: ‘Spurs down years have not been able to back up big wins. Top players, of course they have great egos, but you have to work, close down, show intensity.

‘They were playing at own tempo. Look at Spurs’ goal, first contact was Watford, second was Watford, and when they conceded, it was Watford first to the ball.

‘Watford were hunting in packs. You have to weather the storm and shut down the opposition.’

Watford is now third on the table with 12 points while Tottenham is fifth