Premier League Top Eleven Players After Four Games


The Premier League is set to return this weekend and many fans just can’t wait for all the actions and thrills. For Chelsea fans, it will be another three added points as they face Cardiff while for Manchester United fans, it is another prayer week.

While all the actions are still far away, it will not hurt us to check the list for the best players that have outperformed the others in the league.

While some might argue that it is too early to start accessing the players, I believe it will be too late for some players on this list if we should wait for midseason.

The team below is selected using Fantasy Premier League Metrics. Points are awarded based on how many minutes a player spent on the pitch (2 points per 90 minutes, 1 for anything below) goal scored (5 points) and assist (3 points). Other bonuses are accrued based on performance.


1Etheridge | Cardiff £4.6

It might be funny to see the keeper of a side that is placed 16th on the table and without a win topping the charts ahead of the likes of Allison who has three clean sheets but individual brilliance and bonus points amassed are what keeps Etheridge here. Two clean sheets earned and seventeen saves including two penalties have earned the goalkeeper 31 points in total. His next test is against Chelsea and a clean sheet is not expected but who knows, the goalie can pull off some amazing saves again.

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2Alonso | Chelsea £6.8

The Chelsea defender is the best player in Premier League if we are to follow fantasy scores. 44 points amassed in four games gives him an average of 11 points per game. The defender already has 2 assists, 2 clean sheets and a goal and was also pivotal to Chelsea’s four wins. He might be able to add a few more against Cardiff this weekend.

3Holebas | Watford £4.8

Watford is having a dream season and is arguably the best team after four games as they sit in the third position comfortably and Holebas has been instrumental to their rise. Holebas with 39 points as he had made four assists, scored a goal and also kept a clean sheet. His work rate is high as he has started and finished every match for the Hornets this season.

4Robertson | Liverpool £6.1

A list without the illustrious Robertson is not complete as the Liverpool man is having an outstanding season. Two assists and three clean sheets in four games is enough to earn him 32 points, two points behind Holebas making him of the best defenders in the league right now.

6Mane | Liverpool £10.0

Sadio Mane is having fun finding the back of the net now that Keita does some of the dirty work and Salah is a little off form. While he is now listed as a forward by Liverpool, the premier league still lists him as a midfielder. Four goals in four games from 10 shots shows a player who deserves his accolades. A trip to Tottenham is next and I can bet that Man will be instrumental if Liverpool is to claim all 3 points.

7Lucas Moura | Tottenham £7.3

Lucas Moura is having a good season and has been phenomenal and clinical. Three goals including two scored against Manchester United has been his highlight. It is good to know that those three goals come from six shots and his performance has earned him 29 points.

9Eden Hazard | Chelsea £10.7

While Jorginho may be the engine of the Chelsea midfield, Hazard is well, the “goal-genie” of the team. 27 points is much if you consider the fact that he didn’t start two games but he has still managed to contribute two goals and two assists in four games. Hazard will surely be instrumental against Cardiff and his points are likely to increase.


10Aguero | Manchester City £11.3

Aguero has only found the back of the net in one game but that gave him enough points to top the strikers’ chart. 3 goals and an assist Huddersfield and another assist against Newcastle has earned him 30 points, the most by any striker so far.

11Mitrovic | Fulham £6.7

Mitrovic is the silver lining in Fulham’s cloud and some top team might snatch him if he keeps up his goal conversion rate. Four goals in four games have earned him 29 points and he will hope to keep up his performance against Man City

That wraps up the list for the best players after game week four.

Check the assist charts here and the overall fantasy points here. All statistics correct as at 8.30 PM, September 10 2018.