The Clash of the Two Titans, Mourinho and Pogba Getting Tougher


The clash between Jose Mourinho and Pogba seems to be igniting more on a daily basis.

Though Mourinho insists “no problem at all, no fall out at all”, it looks the opposite to fans as it is like playback of his usual issues with top players. Spain goalkeeper, Casillas was demoted by him while in Real Madrid, Juan Mata was in his lousy record in Chelsea and this may be the case of Paul Pogba.

The 25-year-old player has been stripped off the vice-captaincy position in the presence of his teammates following  Mourinho’s statement “doesn’t represent what a captain is and Manchester United is bigger than anyone”.

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He revealed after the Tuesday’s match against Derby County that “the only truth is I made the decision of Paul not to be the second captain anymore”. And this is as a result of the Frenchman telling the United “attack”  “attack” ‘attack” during the weekend 1 – 1 draw with Wolves. Mourinho seems to have lost patience in this action.

Meanwhile, Pogba has earlier been angered by Mourinho’s statement of him playing much more better at the World cup for France than he did last season for the club as his entourage did not surround him.

At his press conference before the weekend match, the Manchester United Manager said: “I think good results, and good performances, they make miracles, and bad results and bad performances, they make you look more tired, more upset, more ugly more everything.”