There is Only One Loser in Mourinho and Pogba Fued


Manchester United has been in the news for far too long than we are used to, and it is all for the wrong reasons.

Poor displays, the loss against teams that shouldn’t be a threat, players criticising manager, the manager going against players has been the order of the day, and the fans are wishing it all comes to an end.

This feud between Mourinho and Pogba is getting bigger daily, and there seems to be no end to it. The midfielder who wanted to leave for Barcelona or Juventus criticised the Club tactics after the draw to Wolves claiming the club needs to “attack, attack, attack.”

‘When we are at home we should attack, attack, attack,’ ‘That’s Old Trafford. We are here to attack. I think teams are scared when they see Man United attacking and attacking. That was our mistake today.” Pogba said

Pogba is right, according to the statistics kept by Opta, Manchester United is way below the other top teams in attack as the goals they are expected to score is mere 7.

Team xG For (Excl. Pens)
Manchester City 16.98
Liverpool 12.77
Tottenham Hotspur 9.13
Arsenal 8.08
Wolves 8.05
Chelsea 7.65
Bournemouth 7.44
Fulham 7.32
Southampton 7.2
Manchester United 7.07
Watford 6.94
Burnley 6.67
Leicester City 6.64
Crystal Palace 6.32
Everton 5.89
Cardiff City 5.27
West Ham United 5.26
Brighton and Hove Albion 4.68
Huddersfield Town 3.21
Newcastle United 3.15


Part of Manchester United’s attacking problems comes from the great £400,000 a week flop, Alexis Sanchez who has not made any meaningful impact on the team and his continued presence in the starting line up means wantaway Martial and Rashford will not get any game time.

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While United takes shots (85 shots so far), they have only converted 10.6 % which means the forwards are taking shots from positions where they are unlikely to score, a poor return for chances created

Team Shots, Total (inc. Blocks)
Manchester City 140
Chelsea 111
Liverpool 95
Wolverhampton Wanderers 89
Tottenham Hotspur 87
Manchester United 85
Fulham 84


Mourinho’s response to Pogba’s criticism was stripping him off his vice-captaincy as he may have felt the World Cup winner’s ego is getting too big. There have been reports that the midfielder told Jose he wants out, and that is the reason why he was removed as the Vice Captain.

Either way, the power struggle between manager and player took another wrong turn when Mourinho confronted Pogba over a video posted on social media platform Instagram

The video clip shows Pogba laughing with Shaw and Pereira as he watches United lose to Derby County in the Carabao Cup.

Mourinho confronted Pogba as he thought it was disrespectful for the French man to laugh his teammates who toiled with ten men to earn a draw. Fully aware that the cameras were rolling, the manager gave Pogba a dress down after previously telling him in front of his teammates that “you are not a captain, you will never be a captain.”

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The bust-up between the two coupled with Manchester United’s on-field woes is getting too much for fans and everyone, except Manchester City and the media I guess.

There are already suggestions that both player and manager could leave by the end of the season as their relationship remains frosty. Ed Woodward is said to have backed Mourinho as he tries to humble Pogba while the French midfielder has the backing of his superagent Mino Raiola

Former Manchester United striker Berbatov is one of the many persons who has called for the feuding pair to bury the hatchet.

‘If you are a captain or vice-captain, you’re more often than not speaking on behalf of the players, and there is nothing wrong with giving the manager your thoughts.’ Berbatov said

‘But this shouldn’t be done in the media – it helps nobody for these arguments to be played out in public. Apart from the media themselves of course!

‘In modern football, players are very powerful, they are the stars of the show. It’s normal for them to have opinions, but they need to be backed up.

‘I’m really surprised it has got to this stage. This sort of thing really needs to be kept in-house. You’re all grown-ups, figure it out in the dressing room.

‘For Mourinho to have gone as far as removing the vice captaincy, Pogba must have provoked him – whether it was the comments after the Wolves game or something else. But these arguments affect everybody else and start having an impact on the pitch.

‘As someone who wants Manchester United to do well, I’m fed up of waking up and seeing these headlines. Football should be about what happens on the pitch, not who has the biggest d***. It’s a stupid situation.’

Presently the coach isn’t getting the best out of his player and each bust up, and the feud will be transferred the pitch.

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The only real victims here, the losers will be the fans. They will be the ones who endure the embarrassing moments and turn up every match day to watch another match where the manager and the player are not in synergy.

They will go home wondering how what will be the next headline, who will say something controversial next. The fans will be the ones taking all the trolling when they sit with their friends.

Whether both of them leave at the end of the season or not, the fans will have to pray for at least good on-pitch displays and victories to divert their attention from what has been a silly and stupid act by two grown up men.

We can’t endure this embarassment and have a mediocre season too. We are the only ones losing here, not the superstar footballer that can find another club whenever he needs, not the coach too who can easily leave also find another club.