Why Ronaldo Really Left Madrid Revealed


According to fresh reports published by El Mundo, Ronaldo decided it was time to leave the Spanish capital in 2017. This was mainly due to tax issues and not being truly recognised at the Bernabeu.

In a meeting at his agent’s home, Ronaldo had discussions with his legal team over the tax accusations and told them what he wanted

“I said I didn’t want any risks, I didn’t study and the only thing I’ve done in my life is play football, but I’m not stupid and I don’t trust anyone.

“That’s why I always pay 30 percent more than is requested when I hire an assessor. It’s because I don’t want problems.”

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While his legal asked him not to worry, it was obvious that the failed him and Ronaldo was furious

“I never said not to pay taxes!” he exclaimed to his advisors.

“I want to know what happened. I don’t understand anything, as the taxes should be paid by sponsors, so why do they accuse me?”

Parting with his money, he expected an improved contract from Real Madrid to help compensate for his financial woes yet the club kept their distance and didn’t support him as Barcelona did for Messi.

El Mundo revealed that his anger became so much that Zidane had to ask the club directors to step in. Ronaldo’s anger grew due to the fact that Messi and Neymar were earning much more than him and he couldn’t take it.

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Also, he stressed that they only considered him a club legend behind Di Stefano.

“They always put me behind Di Stefano and I don’t know what more I have to do,” he is believed to have said.

And that was how he moved to Italy for a new adventure