I wanted Manchester United to fall off a cliff says Ex Liverpool Striker


Peter Crouch may have hated Manchester United during his playing days in the Premier League but the six foot plus striker is definitely not enjoying any of the problems the Red Devils are passing through.

Writing for Sportsmail, the former Liverpool and Tottenham striker who holds the record for the most headed Premier League goals wishes to the Old Trafford side rise again.

“I’m thinking specifically of a game between Liverpool and Manchester United. We had battered them for most of the 90 minutes and should have been out of sight but, with the last kick of the game, John O’Shea scored in front of the Kop. It was the ultimate kick in the stomach.” he wrote

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“Watching him run off celebrating was a nightmare. Why did they always do this? In my first season as a Liverpool player, Rio Ferdinand had done something similar at Old Trafford causing Gary Neville to break the land-speed record so he could celebrate in front of our fans. God, it was awful.

“Why were they the only club who never had to experience disappointment or frustration somewhere? Why did it always seem that everything ran smoothly for them but not everyone else? The day when O’Shea scored, I wanted them to fall off a cliff and experience the turmoil everyone else felt.

“You will probably expect me to say, then, that I’m delighted to see the way things have gone for United over the last few months. Well, actually, you would be wrong. Now the chaos has hit Old Trafford, I’ll be honest — I don’t like what I am seeing.

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“Every week it seems someone is popping up with something that didn’t need saying. It feels like a game of ‘he said, she said’ and they are in the news for all the wrong reasons. This, remember, is Manchester United, the club that really should be feared all over the world.

“I don’t want to pin the blame on people or make scapegoats for the erratic results they have experienced since the start of the season. I’ve heard many people put forward the reason that Jose Mourinho has ‘lost the dressing room’, but I wouldn’t know if that is the case.

“As much as I used to love to hate Manchester United, I loved playing against them more because the games were always so different, so intense and hard fought.

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“If you beat them, you knew you had beaten the best and taking their scalp meant more. You may disagree but I think the league is stronger when United are flying.

“I want United to be a force. For all they wound me up, I do not want them to fade.”