It Is Harder To Play Against Zaha Than Ronaldo or Neymar


Trent Alexander-Arnold is having a good time as a footballer and is excelling in his role as a defender. He faced and shut out Ronaldo in the Champions League final last year and also battled against PSG superstar Neymar.

However, according to the England international Neymar and Ronaldo has nothing on Crystal Palace forward Wilfred Zaha due to his flair and unpredictability.

Alexander-Arnold told The Times: ‘On the day, I’d say Zaha was the hardest. Just his athleticism. You can’t get the ball off him, hard to tackle, fast, skilful, can score goals, set them up, a match-winner.

‘With Neymar and Ronaldo, you can see they are very intelligent players, people who know their trade, different movements, but they never got much of the ball against us.

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‘Obviously Zaha is not at a level of Ronaldo and Neymar, but for me on the day Zaha was probably the hardest.’

Trent has a weakness against pacy and tricky forwards and that was targetted by Manchester City’s coach Pep Guardiola in the Champions League quater finals last season.

Alexander-Arnold said: ‘I came off two games against Rashford and Zaha, arguably my two hardest games last season, where both wingers got the best of me, and I was going up against Sane, so I can’t blame Guardiola for his tactics at all.’