“Jose Is Still The Same, He Will Do Everything To Win,” Says Michael Essien


Ex Chelsea player and UEFA ambassador Michael Essien was at the London launch event of the UK leg of the UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour driven by Nissan.

He took the time to talk to sportsmail about Jose Mourinho who is having a tough time at Manchester United and insists the manager is doing all he can to turn things around as he had always done during his time at Stamford Bridge.

He told Sportsmail: ‘For me, Jose is still the same. He hasn’t changed. He still has the fighting spirit, he’s still going to work hard to change things. For me he is always the same.

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‘He had a very big influence on me and we’ll always have this father and son relationship. He’s a fighter and a winner and he wants to win. Knowing him he’ll do everything to change things.’

Essien also seems to agree that modern-day player would not react well to Mourinho’s methods. When the question was put to him, he replied, ‘Probably you are right.

‘My time at Chelsea under Jose, I mean sometimes he goes hard on us to get the best out of us, we’d go there, go back and change things.

‘Maybe… probably things are different. At the end of the day it’s football. As a player you know if you’re not playing well. You want to go back and try to change things.

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‘With me, it worked very well. Everyone is different. Players are very different, every player is very different to every other one. We’ll see how things go.’

‘His message was always clear,’ he added. ‘I want you to do this and I’d go out there and do it.

‘I’ve got the talent, I just do what the manager says, that’s all I’ve done my whole career. That’s his decision, you have to follow what he says.’