Jose Mourinho roasts Chelsea Manager In Post Match Assessment


Chelsea’s assistant manager found himself on the bad side of Jose Mourinho after celebrating Ross Barkley’s goal in front of the Manchester United dugout.

Jose Mourinho initially was provoked, and he decided to settle that once and for all in the post match briefings.

“They were not celebrations,” he replied. “Bad education.”

The Manchester United manager explained: “Oh come on, I can tell you that 97 minutes of the game was so good that you have to focus on that.

“I did not get respect back from Chelsea [fans] but that is not my responsibility. What I did here today I will do in Madrid, in Milan, in Porto, the reaction from the fans is not up to me.

“I am not annoyed with anything. What happened with Sarri’s assistant, Sarri was the first one to come to me and say he will resolve it.

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‘So after the game he came to me to apologise, I accepted his apologies, so (have) nothing more to say.

‘Maurizio saw. Maurizio said he would take care of it internally, and to accept his apologies, which I did. But then the young fellow came, he also apologised and I told him ‘I accept your apology.

“The assistant has already come to me and apologised, I told him to forget it. I have made a lot of mistakes in my career.”

Jose Mourinho also felt his team should have left Chelsea with three points

He said: “We were the best team on the pitch. If you say before the game that one point at Stamford Bridge is a good result, it is so difficult to win here but after the game with the way the game was it is an awful result for us and a phenomenal result for them.

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“We were in the game, we controlled their triggers, Hazard and Jorginho was well controlled.

“After we were 2-1 up we had positions to score the third goal, we were the best team, we were calm in control. The Ander Herrera situation, I saw (he should have put) the ball in the net for 3-1, but that’s football, and that’s a bad result.’

Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri also revealed that he apologised to Jose Mourinho after the game.

‘After the match I spoke with Jose, and immediately I understood that we were wrong,’ the 59-year-old said. ‘I have spoken with the member of my staff, and I again spoke with Mourinho to say sorry to him.

‘I want to speak to (Ianni) again (before I decide if there will be further repercussions), but I have dealt with the situation immediately. I have to speak to him again because I want to be sure that he’s able to understand that it was a big mistake.

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‘I will speak to him again (on Sunday). Now the situation is between me and the staff, face to face.’

On his team’s performance, Sarri added: ‘I am very happy for 60 minutes, because we played our football.

‘Then at 1-1, we haven’t. Only the long ball; we are not organised to go for the second ball.

‘United are better than us at this kind of football, so I’m really disappointed at the last 30 minutes.’

Rudiger and Barkley scored for Chelsea while Anthony Martial grabbed a double for Manchester United as they played out a thrilling draw at the Bridge