La Liga Chief Is Still Trying To Get Barcelona and Girona To Play In Miami In January


The La Liga chief in an interview with Sportsmail reveal his dream to get Barcelona to Play Girona in Miami, 5000 miles from Catalunya even though the move is being blocked by the Spanish FA and the Professional Footballers Association (AFE)

Speaking to Sportsmail, Javier Tebas said the strategy will bring more recognition to La Liga.

‘Our international strategy over the past few years has been far more aggressive than the Premier League putting our own offices [abroad], and our own delegates, our own events and our media strategy.’ He said


‘We have been more aggressive and that shows itself in the way we are growing,’ he said although he denies looking exclusively at the Premier League as competition for La Liga.

‘I look at all Sports Industry,’ he says. ‘I look at the NBA, Motosport, Formula One. I don’t just look at the rivalry with the Premier League because on an international level in the big television companies when they budget they say: “Or we take the motorsport or we take La Liga”.

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‘They don’t differentiate if it’s football or not. So I have to look beyond just football and the rivalry with the Premier League.’

For the game to take place in Miami in January, Javier will not only have to convince the AFE and the Spanish FA (RFEF) but also the US Soccer Federation, UEFA and CONCACAF.

‘There is no obligation for La Liga and of course no obligation for the clubs but when we sign on the intention I like to fulfill what I sign for,’ says Tebas.

‘If you can take a competitive game to another country then that evidently has an effect that will last a long time. And if that’s not the case then why do the NBA do it? Why does the NFL do it? Why does the MLB do it?

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‘Why do they play official matches because they know that it is much more intense and makes much more of a mark than a friendly.’

Asked why, when the Premier League is the wealthiest competition, it is La Liga that has, since 2014, won 14 of the 15 European trophies?

Tebas says: ‘I am not England enough to know why but I think the youth systems in Spain are very well looked after.

‘The Spanish clubs have a lot of players who started out in their youth systems. I think that has made the Spanish teams more competitive than the teams in the Premier League.

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Tebas plan has encountered roadblocks many times as the AFE players have threatened to go on strike. David Aganzo the chairman of the players said “As things stand there is a 20 percent chance that the game will be played in Miami. The players are the principle actors in this sport and they are not in agreement with the way this has been handled. 

Until we have sufficient information in our hands there will be no game in Miami and we will not rule out going on strike.”