Liverpool Star Still Lives In Manchester


Liverpool and Manchester United may be old-time rivals but one of their stars who traded Championship for Champions League football still prefers living in Manchester to Meyerside.

Ahead of Swiss Nations League game, Xherdan Shaqiri has revealed that he has never stepped foot in Liverpool city centre.

He said: ‘I still live in Manchester, in the same house where I lived during my time with Stoke.

‘To be honest I have never yet been into the city of Liverpool, except to the team hotel with the rest of the squad.

‘The players told me it is somewhat difficult to go there, as people come up to you pretty directly.

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‘Is it dangerous because of the Everton fans? I don’t know. I think that if you behave decently then nothing will happen to you.

‘But when we are at the team hotel in the city on Fridays we can hear the people outside at 11pm and midnight. I think the window-panes in England aren’t as thick as the ones in Switzerland!’

Shaqiri joined Liverpool from Stoke City, playing six times and losing only once with the Kops.