Mourinho Picking Fights With The Wrong People Says Tottenham’s Former boss.


According to Tim Sherwood, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has been picking fights with the wrong people, the people he needs to win.

The former Tottenham boss revealed that picking fights with the club’s board, some of the players and the press is not good for the Portuguese

“Sometimes you can create your own fires, you have enough problems putting them out, but if you are creating them yourself, and then putting them out.” He said

“And at times I think he picks fights with the wrong people. You cannot pick a fight at Manchester United, it is an institution that football club. It is bigger than any individual.

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“So why should you pick a fight with them? It is not going to work and Jose knows it has not been good enough.”

For Sherwood, Mourinho needs to forget about history and the trophies he has won as he needs to start winning now.

“He is a winner, a serial winner, he wins everywhere he goes,” he said. “He needs great respect for that, but what has happened in the past is in the past. Jose is still a football manager now and he needs to start winning things.

“He needs to win the Premier League for a club that has Man Utd’s stature.”

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Jose Mourinho has cried out that the criticisms he faces with his players are too much but Tim feels otherwise

“Jose is experienced enough to know, and he is no fool, that when managing Manchester United Football Club, one of the, if not the, biggest clubs in the world, you are going to get some stick if you do not win football matches,” he said.

“To win the Europa League is good, to win the League Cup is good, but it is not what they want. They want to win the Premier League again. They want to start winning it, they used to win it every year.

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“He has got them into second place last year, but they need to go one step further.

“I do not agree that it is Ed Woodward or the United hierarchy’s fault, I think they have backed him and given him £350m, which is an awful lot of money.

“And I think they should be doing a lot better than they are doing for that investment.”