“The lads are human beings” Michael Carrick on Poor Performing players


Michael Carrick has spoken out on the reports that Manchester United players have downed tools and are only playing poorly because they want Jose Mourinho to leaves.

Manchester United is having a bad season that has been filled with poor performances on pitch and news on a possible rift between manager Jose Mourinho and players like Pogba.

Speaking to Skysports the Manchester United assistant manager said, “As a player at United the expectation is there, the scrutiny is there and nowadays every little move you make people jump on it and judge it.

“The lads are human beings who make mistakes. It’s too easy to throw out a player is not trying. It’s definitely not the case.”

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He also used the opportunity to open up on his relationship with Jose Mourinho.

“He’s been fantastic with me. The situation I’m in at the moment, my first job after being a player so there’s huge element of learning and trying to soak up as much as I can to improve myself,” Carrick said

“But at the same time I’m there to do a job and there’s a responsibility there. He’s been great with me. He’s given me plenty of things to do and at the same time he’s trying to help me develop. I couldn’t have asked any more of him.”