Wayne Rooney Finally Settles The Who Is The Greatest Footballer Debate


It is a debate that still rages on over who is the best player of our time and it has divided the football world. One of the players who has played with the Portuguese and against the Argentine, Wayne Rooney, has offered his opinion on who is the greatest.

He clearly picked Messi over Ronaldo insisting the 2009 Champions League final proved the difference.

Rooney who also suffered a second defeat to Messi’s Barcelona in the 2011 final, explained: “In both games [finals], if we had been against any other team but Barcelona you would have fancied us to win.

“In my eyes they are the best team ever and Messi is the best player ever.

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“What he gets to do is incredible. Messi has just got a bit of everything.”

“Ronaldo has gone from a winger to a striker and a goalscorer,” he continued.

“Rather than taking players on all the time, he has gone more one or two touch, getting in the box and scoring goals.

“Messi a bit of everything – you see him scoring goals from playing probably a deep midfield role at times, and where I’m probably still walking on the pitch he’s scoring.

“So he is probably the best,” Rooney concluded.